“Good Morning Weed Hopper! After going for my checkup I thought I would send you a line. My doctor is one of the top cardio doctors in the country, I got him doing the Happy Shakes! He told me how tired he was and how healthy I looked. So I faxed him over your recipe. I feel like I’m 18 again and I have the whole office eating Happy Shakes! Stay warm & take care…THANK YOU STACY!!!!!! You got me on the right track.”

—  David, Long Beach, CA


“Stacy, I don’t know what it is about you, but I think you create joy! I had my Happy Shake this morning and I’m making the Broccoli Alfredo again tonight. Thank you!”

—Kelly McCoy, Greenwich, CT







“I can do this! You have taught me to love veggies of all sorts and not be afraid of what different combos could taste like. I love everything I eat now. And what I love even more is that my kids love it too. Thank you so so much!!!”

—Jean-Marie, Ventura, CA




“Stacy takes the complicated out of Raw Food.”
Fae Kontje-Gibbs









“Having Stacy stay with us for a week changed our lives! As a family of five with three boys (ages 18, 16, and 11), we are always on the go! Learning how to make the best choices in ingredients and finding fun and delicious ways to nourish ourselves is no easy feat. The ripple effect that Stacy so lovingly created will last forever! You see, it’s not just the recipes that make this book special . . . it’s Stacy herself!”

—Kimberly D’Alelio, Boston, MA


“Dear Stacy, we have made your delicious spring rolls with the amazing peanut sauce dozens of times. The kids love to make them with their friends when they are over playing. Hope all is well with you. We continue getting healthier and stronger. Thanks for everything. Lots of love!”

—Kathleen Peterson, San Diego, CA







“In the Fire Department, eating was just something that got in the way, now food is part of our wellness. Thank you Stacy Stowers!”

—John Payne, Glendale Fire Department, Glendale, CA




“You don’t have to step out of your life to eat raw.”
-The Husband
New York, NY







“The goal is to eat 100 leaves a day.”

-Sadie, 6 years old, Show Low Az.






“Where do I start with Stacy? She is a wonderful and courageous woman whose passion for raw foods enchants and entrances every person she encounters. If you get a chance to have Stacy come into your home for a week, please do not pass it up. It will change your life completely. She can work wonders in any kitchen, and she can make anyone into a raw food chef in just a few short days. Her time with me was priceless, and I look forward to having her return soon for another visit.”

Michael West, Vineyard Haven, MA

The Happy Shake

“Today. Today is a good day. Rain, dark clouds.
Heavy rains; nourishing. Liquid base.
It could be water. Not bitter. Glorious heavenly Happy
Shake. Feeling now the brightness heavenly Happy
Shake. The child in me is dancing. I am hugging every
tree. I’m in love. Are you ready?”
-Mark Halperin (written for a rainy day Happy Shake on Martha’s Vineyard)


“As Firemen, our job involves seeing people on the worst day of their lives. Thank you for bringing us the Happy Shake!”

—Chief Shivers, Forsyth County Fire Department




“Thanks to ‘Chips’ & Dip, our seven-year-old will now eat romaine. Stacy Stowers, you are definitely known as the ‘Vegetable Whisperer’ at our house!”

—Johnny Shui, Fremont, CA








“I was disabled for 17 years.  My suffering ended in 10 days when I did two things; I stopped cooking my food & I eliminated processed foods.”

-Stacy Stowers
New York, NY




“The Key Lime Pie is now our department’s preworkout food.”

—Shane Smith, San Ramone Fire Department, San Ramone, CA






“Stacy, I love your warmhearted approach to raw foods. I know the Sunny Slope Farm Soup is not raw, but when I am eating more raw foods, it sure hits the spot! Thank you.”

Sharon Strimling, Oak Bluffs, MA